The UK Canada Story

The UK Canada Story is a great one. It is the story of shared pursuits and of strong alliances. It is the story of the special connection of family and friends and the trust and collaboration of partners and allies.

Why we tell the UK Canada Story?

More than just allies, the UK Canada story is one of the oldest and strongest in the history of both our countries. Our shared values and priorities make this relationship more relevant today than it ever was. From research partnerships on COVID19, to combatting climate change, and standing up for human rights, the UK and Canada are leading the way on tackling some of the biggest issues facing our world today.

The UK Canada story is designed to highlight the best of this relationship. Through videos, blogs and podcasts, we showcase the partnership between our two nations and hear from people on both sides of the Atlantic about their shared experiences.

Let’s celebrate The UK Canada story together.

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