Sophie Pilkington

from Vancouver, BC

Wind Turbines in Dokie Wind, Nr. Chetwynd, BC
Sophie Pilkington

Tell us about yourself

My name is Sophie Pilkington, I’m the Senior Manager of Compliance for Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. In my role I have the great privilege of being able to travel to a number of our renewable energy sites. The photograph I submitted was taken on a visit to the Dokie Wind site, which is near Chetwynd in beautiful British Columbia.

Why did you choose this photo?

I chose to submit this photograph because it is an absolutely breath taking view showcasing the topography of our stunning province and because it embodies climate change and climate action through the juxtaposition of the blackened trees due to a forest fire the previous year and the wind turbines, bastions of the fight against global warming.

This photograph also means a great deal to me personally as Dokie Wind is the first renewable energy project I worked on soon after emigrating to Canada in 2009. I climbed my first wind turbine, a Vestas V90, and once at the top with my head out of the nacelle, I managed to get my iPhone 5 safely out of my pocket and just took as many photographs as I could. I didn’t even really look at the image on the phone I just relished every second, wanting to make sure that I captured this momentous occasion.  This is what climate change and climate action looks like in my community.