Protector in Sydney

From Quebec to Nova Scotia. First stop, Sydney.

HMS Protector arrived in Sydney, Nova Scotia on Tuesday, 21 June after a 3-day journey down the St. Lawrence and into the Atlantic Ocean.

Before departing Quebec City, Ottawa based multidisciplinary artist Gayle Uyagaqi Kabloona hopped on board the ship to assume her role as Artist in Residence.

Gayle is known for her intimate block prints and ceramics with striking graphics exploring imagery inspired by Inuit community, stories, and culture. She was commissioned by the British High Commission to create a few pieces inspired by HMS Protector as the ship tours Canada.

We’ll be sharing more about our Artist in Residence in a later blog. For now, check out the piece Gayle created as a thank you to the Captain and her crew. We love the story behind it.


The stop in Sydney was a special one. It allowed us to see the 2021 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Royal Navy and Canadian Coast Guard in action.

About the MOU

The MOU follows an initiative in early 2020 that saw watch keeping officers from HMS Protector gain valuable experience in ice operations aboard a Canadian Coast Guard vessel. It is a collaborative agreement in which mariners from both countries agree to coordinate on operational training and navigational expertise through the icy waters of the Arctic.

Joint Training

Royal Navy and Canadian Coast Guard crew took part in joint operational training on 22 June at the Canadian Coast Guard College. This is the first time that mariners from both countries have taken part in engagement and training exercises aimed at preparing crews to navigate Canada’s waters.

Crew from HMS Protector took part in interactive sessions using the College’s state-of-the-art training simulators. This included a marine navigation simulator that provides crew with training on safe navigation and icebreaking manoeuvres.

Afterwards, students from the Canadian Coast Guard College headed to the Port of Sydney for a tour of HMS Protector. The students learned about the ice patrol ship, her capabilities and the many technologies on board.


Captain Milly and her crew were treated to a BBQ and friendly football (aka soccer) game with members from the Canadian Coast Guard College.

A couple of nights prior, HMS Protector welcomed officials from the Canadian Coast Guard and its college aboard the ship with another special reception.

On to the final stop…

After a great time spent with the Canadian Coast Guard in Sydney, HMS Protector departed for her final Canadian stop.

Check out our next blog to learn about the ship’s visit in Halifax.