Through Lemire’s Lens: Climate Change & COP26

Jean Lemire, one of Canada's most influential environmental ambassadors opens up about the challenges of fighting climate change and the special relationship between Canada and the UK on environment.

Climate action is a global problem that requires global solutions and strong partnerships. For many years, the UK and Canada have been working together in setting ambitious targets, best practices and collaborating on projects aimed at fighting climate change. Quebec has also made significant efforts to contribute to the fight.

In this episode of Three Questions and a Cuppa Tea, British High Commissioner Susan Le Jeune d’Allegeershecque sits down with renowned biologist, explorer and filmaker Jean Lemire. He was named Quebec’s Emissary for Climate Change, Northern Affairs and the Arctic in 2017, becoming the first to hold this role in the history of Quebec diplomacy. With over 30 years of experiences in analysing climate change’s damages on ecosystems the world over, Jean Lemire has established himself as one of Canada’s most influential environmental ambassadors.

“There will be no great environmental victories without greater social justice.” – Jean Lemire

Learn about COP26’s fundamental role in moving towards ambitious action, how to engage citizens through positive motivation, his hopes for youth and the future, and the heart-warming reason for his choice of Jasmine tea while on an expedition in Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey.