In an historic first visit, the UK's new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, and her strike group visited Halifax, Nova Scotia this past September.

In Partnership with Babcock, Leonardo and BMT

Standing taller than Niagra Falls, at 56 metres high, this 65,000 tonne state of the art warship visited Halifax’s harbour alongside other ships from the UK Carrier Strike Group on a deployment called ‘WESTLANT 19’ to conduct operational tests of the F-45B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter jets for the first time.

The defence relationship between the UK and Canada is one of depth and strength, with historical links going back to Canada’s foundation. This close relationship continues to the modern day as both countries continue to work together to provide peace and stability around the world. Pictured, a moment of true cooperation and interoperability, when a CH-148 Cyclone of the Royal Canadian Navy landed on HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time.

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In Partnership with Babcock, Leonardo and BMT