Protector in Quebec City

Protector in Quebec City

After a wonderful few days in Montreal, HMS Protector set sail for Quebec City.

The ship arrived at the Port of Quebec on Monday, 13 June ready for another action packed few days!

Fun Fact: The Port of Quebec is the oldest port in Canada. It is considered one of the most important ports of the 19th century, playing a major role in the development of Canada!

We share some of our favourite moments from #ProtectorInQuebec below:


The students of St Foy Elementary School were treated to sunny weather for their tour of HMS Protector. Once again, the crew delivered a fun and engaging experience for the kids teaching them about the ship’s capabilities and the equipment aboard.


We invited local media aboard HMS Protector to learn more about this Royal Navy ice patrol ship and the reason for her visit to Canada. Our High Commissioner had the opportunity to speak about the significance of the visit and share some of the ship’s capabilities (in French, might we add!) Watch her interview with Noovo Info here and her interview with Le Soleil here.


HMS Protector acted as the venue for another special reception, this time hosting local government officials, members of the scientific community and key partners in Quebec City. Huge thank you to British Volt UK for sponsoring the reception and HMS Protector’s wonderful catering crew for the delicious food.  


On Wednesday 15 June, the UKinCanada team hosted an event to highlight and celebrate UK-Canada science and research collaboration in the Arctic at Le Café du Monde. The event included presentations and a panel exploring future work in the Arctic. Over 50 people attended the event including members from the scientific community and government officials. After a series of engaging discussions, the delegation headed to HMS Protector for ship tours and an aboard reception. Special thank you to UKRI, Fonds de recherche de Quebec, ITK Canada and the National Research Council of Canada for their contribution to the event. 

Did You Know: Over 70 UK-based universities and research centres contribute to Arctic research


Captain Milly Ingham met His Honourable J Michel Doyon, Lieutenant Governor of Quebec.  

Envoy for Climate Change, Northern and Arctic Affairs for the Government of Quebec, Jean Lemire was welcomed into the ship’s bridge to talk climate change and UK-Canada collaboration with High Commissioner Susannah Goshko, Captain Milly Ingham and the Consul-General in Montreal Chloe Adams.  

Au Revoir Quebec

On Saturday 18 June, she left Quebec City for her next stop: Sydney, Nova Scotia!  

Make sure you check out our next blog to learn more about HMS Protector’s journey in Canada.

Protector in Montreal

Protector in Montreal

HMS Protector arrived in Montreal on Wednesday, 8 June, officially kicking off the #ProtectorInCanada tour.

As part of the UK’s commitment to the Arctic region, HMS Protector arrived in Canada last Wednesday.

This is the first time that HMS Protector visits Canada. During the ship’s deployment, HMS Protector will:

  • exchange polar expertise with Canadian counterparts;
  • collaborate on science and technology; and
  • take part in joint operational training.

Along the way, the vessel is making several stops in Eastern Canada. The first of which just wrapped up in Montreal!

Here are some of the highlights from the first leg of #ProtectorInCanada:


HMS Protector arrived at the Port of Montreal bright and early on Wednesday 8 June. British High Commissioner to Canada Susannah Goshko was ceremonially piped onboard and welcomed by Captain Milly Ingham and crew. It was officially the start of the ‘Protector in Canada tour for this Royal Navy Ice Patrol Ship.

Later that day, Consul-General to Montreal Chloe Adams, accompanied Captain Ingham to Montreal’s City Hall to meet and greet with city officials.  


Thursday, 9 June was a rainy one, but that didn’t stop elementary students from joining the crew on board HMS Protector for tours of the ship.

The kids were thrilled to learn about the ship’s gadgets and state of the art scientific equipment, as well as what it’s like to serve in the Royal Navy!  

In the afternoon, Mad Science joined us for a science demonstration in the ship’s dining hall. The 5th graders from Akiva School were mesmerised by the dry ice experiments.

The next day, HMS Protector crew welcomed even more students on board! This time from St. Gabriel Elementary School.


Believe it or not, HMS Protector makes for a fabulous reception venue!

The crew were delighted to welcome partners from the Canadian Coast Guard, Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Armed Forces – as well as other guests from Montreal and surrounding areas –  aboard HMS Protector for a VIP reception. 

Guests were treated to UK Gin cocktails, British cheese and even mini beef wellingtons. Special shout out to HMS Protector Chef Abbie Docchar for her beautiful flag cake!  


On Friday, the British Consulate in Montreal hosted a student competition in the ship’s hall. 

‘Greening the Shipping Industry with #Hydrogen’ was a three-month competition to find the best student-led solution for developing the industry in an environmentally sustainable way. It was an opportunity for students to develop their skills and expertise and come up with solutions for a complex and urgent global issue.

Congratulations to the team from McGill university! They will be heading to the UK later this year as part of their prize.  


While in Montreal, the ship proved to be a great venue space.

HMS Protector hosted:

  • Collaborative discussions between UK/Canadian counterparts like Dr Jaspinder Komal ADM Defence Research and Development and Dame Angela McLean UK Defence Chief Scientific Adviser
  • A roundtable discussion focusing on clean energy, clean tech and green services and skills.
  • An award ceremony for UKinCanada team member, Luke Parker, who was presented an award for ‘ground-breaking and capability defining effect within defence’ by Dame Angela McLean. Congrats Luke!


Au Revoir Montreal

The ship was open for public tours on Saturday, inviting all of Montreal to come aboard before preparing the ship for departure on Sunday.  

On Monday 13 June she set sail for her next stop: Quebec City!

Make sure you check out our next blog as HMS Protector makes her way along the St. Lawrence.