If you are asked to picture climate change, what comes to mind? The truth is it looks different to all of us.

It’s a question we asked Canadians across the country in March 2021, and these images are how you responded.

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The #CapturingClimate photo competition, launched by the British High Commission, was an opportunity to explore climate change in Canada through the lens of a camera, with an aim to inspire conversations around this important issue. Too often we think of climate change as something that will affect the next generation, but in reality it’s affecting all of us around the world every day. It’s impacting livelihoods, changing eco-systems and the way we live and work.

Over 100 people entered the competition in which photographers submitted images that told a story of climate change in their community. The response was fantastic.

The UK hosted COP26 summit in November is an important opportunity to deliver meaningful action on climate change as a global community. We are feeling the impacts of a warmer world today. This is our chance to turn the tide and keep global temperatures below 1.5 deg.C for ourselves and generations to come.

These images are what climate change looks like to Canadians. What does it look like to you?


In November 2021, the UK will be hosting the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) under the UN FrameworkConvention on Climate Change in Glasgow. This, alongside our presidency of the G7, is the top priority for theUK Government.

Climate change is the biggest threat to our world. It is a threat to our collective security and the security of our nations.We want people to be aware that it is happening now, and that it affects every one of us. To learn more about the link between climate change and our security, you can read more about it here.

Our aim for this campaign is draw attention to the realities of the climate crisis in our everyday life. These photos are a call to action, and we hope they will inspire people to create conversations around this important issue. The photos will also be used to demonstrate what the UK Government is doing in its fight against climate change, as well as our key priorities and objectives for the upcoming COP26 Conference in Glasgow.


The UK Government will reserve the right to use the photos as part of a communications campaign highlighting the effects of climate change in Canada and around the world.

They will form part of a social media campaign, and potentially be used for branding on Foreign and Commonwealth office buildings around the world.

Winners will be asked to sign a UK Government release form to acquire rights to use and distribute the photos. 

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Winning Photos

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Other Photo Finalists

A competition to commission a series of photos that demonstrate climate change


Competition Opens


Submission Deadline


Submit up to five photos


A panel of judges will review them


A winner will be announced


Winning photos will be used as part of a national campaign

Thank you for your interest in the #CapturingClimate photo contest. The competition has now closed. You can view the winning images here. For more information on how the UK Government is fighting climate change please visit our COP26 website.


We are looking for photos that tell a story related to climate change: these could be about the use of green technology, how local communities are adapting, Canada’s extraordinary biodiversity or the impact in your community. These are just some ideas; we will not stunt artistic expression by being too prescriptive about what these photos should portray. – be creative. These can be recently taken photos or ones you took in the more distant past; the key condition is they must be yours.

It is an opportunity to have your images recognised by an esteemed panel of judges and be part of the movement to raise awareness of climate change and our efforts to tackle it. All winning images and the artists behind them will receive extensive promotion through the activities and platforms of the British High Commission in Canada – and potentially internationally. This will include: being part of a Canada-wide media and digital marketing campaign; inclusion within a limited edition photobook and other promotional material; and, being part of a bespoke photography exhibition.

You are invited to submit between one and five images (which must be your own) along with a summary of what the images portray and how they fit with the theme.

The competition is open to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents. We encourage you to respect health restrictions, avoid unnecessary travel beyond your immediate community.

The photographer retains the rights to their photographs. However, by submitting a photo, you grant the British Government a royalty-free, world-wide, irrevocable, non-exclusive license for five years to use, modify, publish, display, distribute, and reproduce the photo. You warrant that you own the copyright of the photo and it has not been purchased or acquired by a third party. Any photograph reproduced will include a photographer credit.